666 Billboards

Black billboards and sky banners with the message “6 + 6 + 06: You Have Been Warned” and “6 + 6 + 06: The Signs Are All Around You” have been popping up in major cities (see a photo here), freaking people out. A woman in Daytona Beach phoned the FBI after seeing one. I don’t think I’d react as strongly, since I grew up in Mennonite country with hand-lettered “GOD IS NOT MOCKED” signs planted in fields, but I can understand the unease.
I also understand that this is probably a promotional campaign for the remake of The Omen, which will be released – you got it – June 6. It stars Liev Schrieber and Julia Stiles. See the trailer here.
Incidentally, Brian Flemming’s feature film The Beast (www.thebeastmovie.com) will also be released on this date. Flemming’s documentary The God Who Wasn’t There (www.thegodmovie.com) poses the theory that Christ didn’t exist, period. I’ve seen it and will post a review soon.

2 responses to “666 Billboards”

  1. FreeThinker says :

    Did you notice that these billboards have upside-down crosses instead of plus signs?

  2. SME says :

    I hadn’t noticed that…but I bet people on the highway did.

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