Corrections & Additions

Yesterday I received an e-mail from Diane Vera, offering commentary on this blog and some very helpful suggestions. Her website, Against Satanic Panics, has a wealth of fascinating essays and information on modern-day witchhunts, theistic Satanism, and related topics (there’s a permanent link to this site on the sidebar).
So I’ve made a few corrections and additions to this blog: Links to sources, correct spelling of “Vodun” (I was spelling it about 6 different ways) and “Johnny Gosch” (two n’s, not one), plus corrections to a few “d’oh” mistakes (such as writing that Marguerite Perrin may have been overreacting to the trial of the Ponchatoula Satanists – even though the trial hasn’t begun yet!). I’ve added a link to the Trading Spouses Margerite Perrin tantrum at ifilm. Also, I’ve enabled comments for people outside Blogger (I forgot to do this when I revamped the blog in January – apologies to non-Blogger readers!).
I’ll soon be adding more links and a Satanic Panic Glossary to the sidebar.

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