New Mexico’s Witch Trials

A new book explores the little-known witch trials conducted in New Mexico over a decade in the 18th century. The Witches of Abiquiu (University of New Mexico Press) by New Mexico State University historian Rick Hendricks and Malcolm Ebright describes the witchcraft purge that occurred in the colony of Genizaros between 1756 and 1766, at the instigation of a Franciscan priest who believed the local witches were trying to harm him (Hendricks and Ebright contend he may have been right). Fortunately, New Mexico authorities had apparently learned a few things from the disastrous Salem trials; most of the convicted witches were jailed, rather than executed.


Book Lifts Veil on State’s Witch Trial Past” by Sue Vorenberg, Albuquerque Tribune, Apr. 21/06

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